Topspin rotates the ball forward as it moves to the other side of the net. It is the most common spin used by table tennis players and tennis players. Topspin can be created by an up-and-forward swing in which the ball makes contact with the underside of the racket . This causes the ball to go on an unnatural curve that is impossible without topspin. Topspin is the shot opposite of a slice or backspin .

Topspin in other sportsEdit

Topspin is not only used in racket sports (tennis and table tennis), but is also common in other sports:

  • Golf shots might have topspin although most of them are unintentional
  • Bowlers in cricket will apply topspin into some types of bowls
  • Pitchers in baseball will use topspin in curveballs and sliders
  • Players will use topspin to keep the cue ball moving after it hits another ball in billiards
  • Volleyball players will use topspin in their serves and spikes, which makes them more accurate

What is Topspin in Table Tennis?Edit

What Is Topspin in Table Tennis?

What Is Topspin in Table Tennis?